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Open-and-learn textbooks that start simple and guide students through each topic

Written by a math teacher to help students learn at different paces

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Algebra 1 Series (7 books)

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Be a "sage on the stage" or "guide on the side" with books that help teachers facilitate a collaborative classroom where students learn at different paces.




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 My children have been using Summit Math books for the past three years and I can’t say enough about these books. The books are thoughtful and purposefully laid out to support all types of learners so that when students feel comfortable with certain topics they can move ahead at their own pace and those students needing more support can find ample practice questions.


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Alex Joujan, M.S.Ed

Alex Joujan is a faculty member at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, NJ where he has been teaching since 2011. During this time he has been the recipient of two awards for his teaching. Alex started writing his own resources in 2013 to improve the learning experience in his classroom. This project developed into the Summit Math series of books, so named to reflect that his curriculum is like hiking; although hiking requires effort and persistence, people can hike at different paces and still reach the summit of the hike. Similarly, Summit Math books are designed to guide students toward a mastery of each topic, while allowing students to learn at their own pace.


Alex was born in Mukinge, Zambia and moved to Chattanooga, TN when he was 5. His family moved to TN after his father died in a car accident, and he is grateful to the many people who guided him through his childhood. His decision to pursue a career in teaching was partially motivated by his appreciation for the impact that his teachers had in his life.


In 2005, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Muhlenberg College. At the end of his senior year, he received the Muhlenberg College Goodwill Prize, awarded to the senior who has made the greatest impact on the surrounding community. During his tenure at Muhlenberg, he received 3 other awards for his involvement in community service. In 2006, he earned his M.S. Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2006, he was also awarded a 5-year Teaching Fellowship from the Knowles Teacher Initiative.

Alex continues his curriculum writing efforts to help improve the learning experience for both students and teachers. He writes every book with the same intention: to help students succeed in learning math by starting with simple, foundational concepts and gradually building on those ideas in small steps.