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Summit Math at School.
Teach the big ideas of math in a collaborative classroom where students learn at different paces.

Summit Math allows students to work at their own pace which allows me the opportunity to provide individualized attention to those who need it. The collaborative nature of the curriculum has students speaking the language of math while sharing ideas with their classmates. I love that previously learned concepts are continually reinforced throughout the curriculum, and that exercises are also provided for those who want to try a greater challenge.


Textbooks that help teachers teach.

With textbooks designed for self-paced learning, teachers can facilitate collaborative groups that enable students to share their ideas and expand their problem-solving strategies as they learn alongside their classmates.


With less time spent on full-class instruction, there is more time for 1-on-1 helping. Teachers can move around the room as students continue to learn.


While students work through the scenarios in each book, their readiness can determine their pace.

New to teaching? Summit Math books reflect the insights of a teacher with 17+ years of classroom experience. Each book arranges topics in a logical order, so you can use them to help you build your lessons.


With textbooks designed to help students makes connections on their own, some students may need less guidance, making it possible for a teacher to provide more guidance to students who need it.

​The books regularly spiral back to previous content, helping students look back as they go forward.

The Summit Math books are unlike typical textbooks. They allow students like myself to truly grasp the topics in each book. It doesn't matter how you learn or what speed you go at, these books are made so you can learn at your own pace while still understanding all the material. You have to make sure to check the answer key after each problem, try to figure out what you did right or wrong, and if needed, ask a teacher/peer for help. These books make learning math enjoyable.


Textbooks that help students learn.

Students can learn math at different paces and work in groups to learn with other students.

Each series is a set of lightweight, easy-to-carry, paperback workbooks. Students enjoy a sense of accomplishment ​when they finish each book.

Summit Math textbooks invite students to think deeply as they learn how new math concepts build on what they already know and understand.

Students who need extra help can get 1-on-1 help from their teacher or collaborate with classmates.

Students can write in the books, reducing the challenge of taking notes while listening to the teacher.

​​Some students can learn each topic with minimal guidance from a teacher.

Summit Math books allow me to teach my classes using a variety of strategies. After using the books effectively with more direct instruction during the height of social distancing, I have shifted to more collaboration again. The books allow students to work through big ideas both independently and in groups. My students enjoy their independence and I get to witness plenty of "aha" moments over the course of each book!

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To complete each Series in one year, see suggestions for pacing below.

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