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Summit Math makes it easy to learn math at home. Each open-and learn textbooks is designed for self-paced learning.

Lightweight and easy to carry, each book in the series starts with simple, foundational concepts and builds on those ideas in small steps.

An Answer Key is included to give students immediate feedback when they finish each scenario.

Students like the feeling of accomplishment when they finish each book.

Parents like that their child can learn from the author with an affordable subscription to step-by-step teaching videos.

Subscribe to teaching videos for $9/month (or $5/month with a Yearly Plan). Cancel anytime. ​

Start with a Free Trial. (15 days for a Monthly Plan or 30 days for a Yearly Plan)


 My daughter, who is not a fan of math, said this is her favorite math that we have tried. It is an open and go curriculum. If you subscribe to the videos you get the teacher with the curriculum. I love that it is designed to allow for student independence. Our daughter can go at her pace, use the videos if she is struggling, check her answers as she goes. We help when asked but it is nice to have so many options for her to succeed on her own.


– parent

 Learning math with the Summit Math books is an experience like no other thanks to the various types of scenarios and the clear way of explaining how to do each type of scenario. Overall, if you like to learn at your own pace AND have a deep understanding of the topics you are learning, I would recommend the Summit Math books for you.

– student

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Learn from the author with step-by-step videos that guide you through each book.

2 subscription options:

Monthly: $9

14-Day Free Trial

Yearly: $60 ($5/mo.)

30-Day Free Trial

Want to see sample videos?


Check your readiness with a Placement Test.

Use the Pacing Guide to see how long it takes to complete the books in each Series and to get suggestions for daily pacing.

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