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Parent Testimonials


My children have been using Summit Math books for the past three years and I can’t say enough about these books. The books are thoughtful and purposefully laid out to support all types of learners so that when students feel comfortable with certain topics they can move ahead at their own pace and those students needing more support can find ample practice questions. The classwork sections are supplemented by homework problem sets so students are able to extensively practice and reinforce the topics learned. The answer key allows students to check their work and correct mistakes independently. Each book builds off the other and there is a cumulative review section at the end so students can ensure they are comprehensively learning the material. As an aside, I value that they are light and easy to travel with. I highly recommend these books to eager math students.

Student Testimonials


The Summit Math books are unlike typical textbooks. They allow students like myself to truly grasp the topics in each book. It doesn't matter how you learn or what speed you go at, these books are made so you can learn at your own pace while still understanding all the material. You have to make sure to check the answer key after each problem, try to figure out what you did right or wrong, and if needed, ask a teacher/peer for help. These books make learning math enjoyable.

Teacher Testimonials


Summit Math books allow me to teach my classes using a variety of strategies. After using the books effectively with more direct instruction during the height of social distancing, I have shifted to more collaboration again. The books allow students to work through big ideas both independently and in groups. My students enjoy their independence and I get to witness plenty of "aha" moments over the course of each book!

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