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© Summit Math 2019



Book 1

Section 1: Percentages

  • Introduction to percentages

  • Percentage changes: increases and decreases

  • Writing equations to calculate percentages

  • Scenarios that involve percentages

Section 2: Introduction to Rates

  • Introduction to rates

  • Using graphs to calculate rates

  • Rates in equations



Book 2

Linear Relationships

  • Plotting points on a graph

  • Graphing a line using an equation and a T-chart

  • Graphing a line using its x- and y-intercepts

  • Constant rates

  • Slope Writing a line’s equation in Slope-Intercept Form

  • Scenarios that involve linear equations



Book 3

Properties of Exponents

  • The Product Rule: multiplying expressions with exponents

  • The Quotient Rule: dividing expressions with exponents

  • The Power Rule: raising an exponent to an exponent

  • Negative exponents

  • Evaluating expressions, both with and without a calculator



Book 4

​Operations with Polynomials

  • Introduction to polynomials

  • Defining monomials, binomials, and trinomials

  • Adding polynomials

  • Subtracting polynomials

  • Multiplying polynomials

  • Difference of two squares

  • Squaring a binomial



Book 5

​Factoring Polynomials

  • Review multiplying polynomials

  • Review factoring out the greatest common factor

  • Factoring trinomials

  • Factoring a difference of two squares

  • Factoring perfect square trinomials

  • Using factoring to solve quadratic equations

  • Scenarios that are modeled by quadratic equations

  • Using factoring to simplify fractions

  • Introduction to graphing parabolas



Book 6

​Systems of Equations

  • Introduction to intersecting lines

  • Using equations to find the intersection point

  • The Substitution Method

  • The Elimination Method

  • When two lines do not intersect at a single point

  • Scenarios that involve systems of equations

  • Systems of linear inequalities

  • Additional Scenarios



Book 7

​Radical Expressions and Equations

  • Review exponents and square roots

  • Rational and irrational numbers

  • Simplifying radical expressions

  • Adding and subtracting radical expressions

  • Multiplying radical expressions

  • Dividing radical expressions

  • Solving radical equations

  • Using a disguised form of 1 to rationalize a denominator

  • The Pythagorean Theorem